Begin and maintain your path to well-being
with these holistic experiences:
Back Massage 30 mins R350.00
Indian Head Massage 30 mins R350.00
Reflexology 60 mins R450.00
Holistic Body Massage 60 mins R470.00
Combination Special
Info Choose from any of the treatments above to create a more personal 90 minute holistic experience - R570.00
Hot Stone Back Massage 45 mins R470.00
Hot Stone Massage 90 mins R660.00
Aromatherapy 90 mins R570.00
Earcandling 45 mins R450.00
Transformational Breath ® 90 - 120 mins R1400.00

The body and the mind are one. A worried mind troubles the physical body. While aches and pains in turn disturb the mind! Heal yourself with holistic treatments and relax the mind. Soothe the body and restore well-being.

Hopi Ear Candle Reflexology Reflexology with hot stones